Sunday, 30 June 2013

Hello everyone and welcome to this weeks "Product of the Week".  This week I thought I would focus on every
gardeners favourite, the ladybird.  Not only are they a joy to watch they are extremely useful in the garden.  Did you know that an adult ladybird will eat over 100 aphids per day?  This is a very good reason to make them comfortable in your garden and what better way than with our Ladybird House.  It has
been specifically designed to allow ladybirds to shelter whilst keeping out other inhabitants and predators.  It is advisable to put some leaves inside to make the ladybirds feel at home.  As you can see from the pictures it has a metal roof and a front opening to allow you to fill with leaves and then clean it out once the ladybirds have gone.  It measures 17x10x22cm and is priced at £9.99 and can be found on our Best for Birds page. 
We also have to offer you this brilliant Insect Hotel Insects do a really important job in your garden as they act as a natural pest controller.  With this insect hotel you can offer several species a place to nest and hibernate at the same time.  The 
compartment in the middle allows protection and housing to green lacewings, ladybirds and earwigs.    The red colour of the door will be really attractive for the insects especially the green lacewings.  As you can see there is a catch on the door to allow easy access for you as it is important to fill it with fine wheat straw for them to hibernate between mid September and early April.  The hollow sticks below will be an ideal home for bees as that is where they like to shelter and the holes in the block of wood will be used by many different species as some prefer bigger holes than others to live in.  It is also important to consider where you place your insect hotel.  The best position is in a sunny location which is protected from wind and rain. Place it where the entrance can be seen by the insects but also somewhere where there are plenty of herbs and flowers to provide them all with food.  The hotel measures 18cmx14cmx32cm and is priced at £19.99.  It can be found on our Best for Birds page where we have
plenty of other houses for birds or insects.  Why not go and check them out!

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