Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Hi everyone and it's another busy day here at Ruddick Garden Gifts. Little Ella is off to the vets again this morning for another eye operation!  Bless her.  Hopefully it will work this time. 

I hope you all enjoyed the little sneak preview of some of our new products that will be coming to our website very soon.  Well another product we have chosen is WIND SPINNERS.  

These are some of the ones we saw at the Spring Fair.  They are brilliant and very pretty.  They are different to most of the wind spinners you see at the moment as the ones we are going to offer you are made from stainless steel so they will last and will not rust. They are also powder coated to make them even more resilient to our English weather.  Because of these reasons they are a little more expensive than most of the ones on the high street but at least you wont have to keep replacing them.  They are pure quality!!  They are going to range in price from about £25 - £30 but are well worth the money.  Keep watching the website for further info.

"Gifts To Make You Smile" 

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