Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Hello everyone and 
welcome to the middle of the week.  Today I want to share with you some more of our great NEW PRODUCTS.  I hope you like them.  Now as you may know Ruddick Garden Gifts is located in Carlisle and before Christmas we were deluged with rain!!  So today I want to share with you our range of brand new UMBRELLAS!!!!!!

 Our umbrellas have a farmyard theme to them and come in four fabulous designs.  We have the cow umbrella which as you can see has a lovely image of a Freisian cow on.  We also have a chicken umbrella, a pig umbrella and a horse umbrella.

Now each of our umbrellas has a quality wooden crook handle and is large enough that it is going to keep you totally dry. The umbrellas are made from nylon fabric and have photographic prints of the animals on them.

So they are not only practical but very cute too!  When open the umbrella has a span of 120cm and is 95cm long when closed.  They are each priced at £9.99 and if you would like to see more then use this link

So that's all for today but keep watching as I will be showing you more of our NEW ITEMS later this week.  However, if you can't wait then why not pop over to our website at 
and take a look for yourself.  Enjoy the rest of your week!!

"Gifts To Make You Smile"

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