Friday, 6 September 2013

Hey, we made it!! Friday is here and the weekend is fast approaching.  What will you be up to this Saturday and Sunday.  The weather isn't great here in Carlisle today, it's very wet and they reckon we are going to get flooding and winds tomorrow - AUTUMN is finally here I think!  
Anyway, do you like this little fella?......................
well we have some fab Bee products at  What about this cutey - he is our Bumblebee Thermometer and you will find him on our What's The Weather page.  He is a fun and bright thermometer and a great way for children to learn about temperature.  Simply attach to your window with the suction pads.  He is priced at £4.99 and measures 22x3.5x19cm.  Buy him today, it's so easy!


We also have seeds to attract Bees into your garden. They are on our Seeds page and are part of the Garden's Friends Range.  Bees are very important in the garden for pollination so it is vital to encourage them and with this meadow mix you will certainly do just that.  Inside each box there are at least 27 annual and perennial species including cornflowers, sunflowers and cosmos.  Each box will cover an area of 7m2 and are priced at £9.99.  The ideal way to
encourage bees into your garden.  Take a look today at what we have to offer, you'll be surprised!!

"Gifts To Make You Smile"

Sunday, 1 September 2013

 Good Morning everyone!!  As you may have noticed on our website - we love ladybirds!  They are great for the garden and they are cute.  So today I am not just going to show you a "Product of the Week" but I have put together some of our ladybird items to make it our "Products of the Week"  So we have a fantastic Ladybird House  which you will find on our Best For Birds page.  It has been designed to allow ladybirds to shelter whilst
keeping out other likely inhabitants or predators and so that ladybirds can access it easily.  Ladybirds often hibernate in clusters and it is advisable to put some leaves inside to make them feel at home so the house has a pull down front to give easy access for you to do this.  The house measures 17x10x22cm and is priced at just £9.99.

 Next up are our Seeds which have been put together to encourage ladybirds to come into your garden.  You will find these on our Seeds page  They are part of     the Garden's Friends Range.  In each box there are 28 annual and perennial species including borage, cornflowers and chamomile. The contents of the box will cover a 7m2 area and is priced at £9.99 and as you can see from the above picture you really do get a beautiful display.  Finally we have our Ladybird Thermometer.                                                                        
 This is a bright and fun item for young and old alike.  There are four suction pads on the reverse of the ladybird and you just attach these to your outside window and then you can see the temperature outside from the inside! You will find this on our What's The Weather page and it is priced at just £4.99.     
So there you have it, our ladybird products which I think are all great.  Remember ladybirds do a lot of good in the garden as well as being a joy to watch.  Did you know for example that an adult ladybird eats over 100 aphids per day?! which is a really good reason for encouraging them into your garden and making them comfortable when they get there.

"Gifts To Make You Smile"