Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Good Morning All and welcome to Wednesday.  Today I have a question - are you a doggy person or a cat person?  Me as I guess you have noticed am definitely a doggy person.  So let me introduce you to some of our gang of fab dog ornaments...............

First up is our Border Collie ornament aka "Glen".  He stands (or sits) at 24cm and costs £44.00.  He is a weighty item and as he is made from ceramistone this means he can go inside or outside your home!

 Next is our English Bull Terrier ornament or "Sykes".  He would make a fab quirky gift for anyone who loves this breed of dog.  He is just 18cm tall and costs £38.00 and again is made from ceramistone so you can decide whether he goes inside or outside.

Now we have our lovely Greyhound ornament who goes by the name of "Gypsy".   She is 22cm in height, comes gift boxed and would make a lovely present for any dog lover. Priced at £38.00.

My favourite of course is the Jack Russell ornament or "Fabian" to his friends.  Again made from ceramistone so he is going to look great inside or outside your home. He is 19cm in height and costs £44.00.

And last but not least say hello to our Staffordshire Bull Terrier ornament aka "Tyson". This is such a popular breed.  He stands 20cm in height and is priced at £44.00.

So dont just take my word for it that these are great ornaments, my Alfie loves Fabian as you can see.  All ornaments are made from ceramistone, all come gift boxed and all would make great gifts for anyone who has a dog in their life. So pop on over to the website at and see which one takes your fancy. And remember we are currently offering you 10% off your first order with us.

"Gifts To Make You Smile"

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Sorry we've been a bit quiet this last week or so, but the youngest of our Ruddick Garden Gifts family has finally left for university. Yesterday was a very tiring, emotional, happy day as we left him in Sheffield to get on with his new life!!

So back to todays blog - the new website is up and running (hope you all like it), we are getting some great feedback and are really busy but you can't neglect the garden at this time of year.

Our Handy Hands are great for lots of jobs around the garden, from picking up leaves to removing rubbish. They are made from a heavy duty durable plastic and have ergonomic hand grips. Priced at just £11.95 they really will make your gardening life much easier.

And of course to do any gardening work you will need a pair or our wonderful soft n care gardening gloves.  They fit perfectly to your hands so you can do delicate work as well as getting stuck into some serious gardening, are machine washable and have been designed for maximum comfort.

They come in a choice of colours and sizes and are priced at just £5.50.  They will last for ages and you probably wont want any other gardening gloves than these when you see how good they are.  Check them out here....

So that's all for today but dont forget to check out the new website at and you will get 10% off your first order.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!!

"Gifts To Make You Smile"