Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Hey, hope you're all having a great week so far not long to go until the weekend!!!  And what is happening at the weekend?  That's right - its FATHER'S DAY!!
Hope you hadn't forgotten, but even if
you had, fear not, Ruddick Garden Gifts is here to make it all very easy.  Simply go to our website, pick something, pay for it (obviously) then sit back and wait for Mr or Mrs Post Person to drop it through your door.  To be fair to make sure you get it in time I wouldn't leave it any later than tomorrow to be on the safe side.  

 It really is soooooooooooooooo simple and you can use PAYPAL which is very safe and makes it even easier to shop!  So I have shown you a lot of ideas over the last couple of weeks but here are just a few reminders..........

Ermintrude our ceramistone cow ornament will make all your dads laugh I'm sure.  Priced at £44.00 find her and more at

 Our Eco Tyre Pots are a brilliant gift idea which are made from recycled tyres!  They have a robust, flexible and stylish design and are priced at £7.99.

And no FATHER'S DAY list would be complete without my favourite garden ornament - the Toucans.  Available in small, medium and large sizes prices start at £15.99.

So there you have it, just a few of our brilliant gifts that could be winging their way to your dad this FATHER'S DAY!!  Go on make his day with a gift from Ruddick Garden Gifts.

"Gifts To Make You (& your dad) Smile"

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Right, no excuse this is your FINAL WARNING!!!  Next Sunday - 15th June is FATHER'S DAY.  Are you sorted already, well done if you are, if not then why not?  It couldn't be simpler to get something different for your dad.  Pop on over to where we have some fantastic gift ideas simply choose, order, pay then sit back and we do the hard bit and before you know it your dad's present will be dropping through your door!!  Easy huh?  So to whet your appetite here are just a few ideas to get you started.................

This small hardwood lantern would make a welcome addition to any garden.  Priced at £24.99 find out more at

Then we have our very cute tortoise ornaments which are frost proof and uv resistant. They come in a choice of green or brown and are only £5.99 each.

 Now for all doggy loving daddies out there what about our gorgeous ceramistone dog ornaments which can go inside or outside the home or our ceramic tile plaques.  Here we have Mac who is £44 and the plaque is £29.99.

Next up does dad love feeding the birds in the garden?  Yes? Well then how about our brilliant Pine cone Feeder which is £19.99 and would look great in the garden.

Here's another one of our ceramistone garden ornaments this time it is Baa'bara the sheep. She is bound to make you dad smile and is priced at £44.00.

 If your dad has a sense of humour then he is going to love our Toucan ornaments. Available in small, medium and large they will brighten up any garden!  Prices start at £15.99.

Calling all eco friendly dads - our paper potters are ingenious!  They enable you to create your own seed pots from waste paper.  Easy to use and a useful end product - brilliant gift!  Only £10.75.

 Our wind spinners are new to us this year but are proving really popular so far.  This is our 6" sun spinner - simply hang in the garden and let the wind do the rest, very effective and mesmerising and only £14.99.

If your dad is a real hands on gardener he will love our seed boxes.  There is a box for every area of the garden.  Each box covers 7m2 and is priced at just £9.99.

And finally if you really feel you have to get him a mug this father's day then get one of our fantastic rustic effect ceramic mugs created to look like vintage enamel.  Available in brown or cream they are dishwasher and microwave safe.  Priced at just £7.99 and gift boxed.

So there you are just a small selection of gifts that would make any dads day!  So go on over to now and take the strain out of gift shopping and always remember we have....

"Gifts To Make You Smile"