Friday, 14 June 2013

 Well, after the week I have had with my back I just wish I was "ready to party" but I'm not quite there yet.  Anyway, loved this picture so I thought I would share it with you.  Hope everyone has had a good week.  Today I want to give you a sneaky peek at a couple of NEW items that have gone on the website this week.  Firstly, we now have in stock these cute All Weather Tortoise ornaments.  They come in a choice of brown or green (ignore the yellow one) and are made from frost proof ceramic and are UV resistant.
They would look great hidden in among your plants and make a great little gift for the gardener in your life.  They are gift boxed and very reasonably priced as well at only £5.99.  So why not treat someone you know or even yourself this weekend.  Next up we have another little garden ornament that would delight anyone!  They are Tinkling Toadstools.  Now I can hear you say what on earth are they?  Well, they are little frost proof ceramic toadstools that when placed in your garden and the wind blows, they tinkle!!  We have a choice of green, yellow or orange and these too are UV resistant.
The range we have is called "Summer Lustre" and they really are very pretty.  They are priced at £5.99 and would make a beautiful little gift for anyone that loves something unusual in their garden.  There are a few more new items coming soon, so make sure you keep an eye out for those.  But I just wanted to tempt you today with these two as I think they are really very cute.  Hope you enjoy your weekend and don't forget join us on Sunday for our next "product of the week" - what will it be this week I wonder.  Watch this space......

"Gifts To Make You Smile"

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

 Hi Everyone and welcome to Wednesday.  I haven't been great this week as I hurt my back on Monday so have been a bit incapacitated since then.  So today I thought I would show you some pictures I have already shared with  you but I do love them and hope you do too!  They are from a range of ornaments which are made from ceramistone which means they can be left outdoors as well as looking great indoors.  Personally I would have them in my house as I think they are great!  We mainly have a selection of dogs but also some other animals, namely Baa'bara the sheep £44.00, then we have Roland the rooster who is also £44.00.

For all you cat lovers out there we have a couple of gorgeous kittens called Dale and Nicky.  As you can see from the picture below they are really cute and are reasonably priced at £35.00 each.

 Then we have Ermintrude the cow
who is sooooo lovely.  She measures 24cm long and is priced at £44.00.  And finally I want to share with you the delectable Delilah duck  who really is very sweet.  She is priced at £38.00 and would look great inside or outside your home.  All of these along with our range of dogs can be found on our Inside Gifts page.  They make great gifts and would make anybody smile when they see them!  So go on why not take the plunge and order today, it's really simple and you wont be disappointed.

"Gifts To Make You Smile"

Sunday, 9 June 2013

 Happy Sunday everyone and welcome to this weeks Product of the week.  As the weather has been sooooo lovely this week isn't it nice to sit out in the garden at night time.  And of course if you are out at night you need a bit of light in the garden so introducing this
lovely Hardwood Lantern.  It measures 13cmx13cmx19cm and has a wire hook so that it can be hung anywhere in your garden.  There is a front opening door with magnetic fastener to allow easy access to your candle and an opening at the top.  It is priced at £24.99 and can 
be found on our Fire & Light 
page along with other lanterns and candle holders.  There really is nothing nicer and more relaxing than sitting in your garden with glowing candles around you.  This is what we did last night as you can see from the picture below we like FIRE!!  but even on hot days it gets chilly in the evening and it's nice to have something to warm you up.  This is the way we do it but we do have similar things on our Fire & Light page that do just that job, namely a lovely cast iron fire basket and a couple of cast iron 
fire bowls, so why not take a look and see what brilliant products we have.  Treat yourself to something and of course not forgetting if you get in early there is still time to get something delivered for Father's Day which is next weekend!  Enjoy the rest of your weekend and this fabulous weather.

"Gifts To Make You Smile"