Friday, 4 July 2014

Well, we made it - it's FRIDAY!!!
The weather has gone a bit down hill today but hopefully it will pick up for the weekend and we can all get out in our gardens.  

With holidays fast approaching I thought I would show you a couple of brilliant ideas that we have if you are thinking of going camping with the family this summer. 

First up is our Sophie Conran BBQ Bucket Set.  Now everyone loves a barbeque right? and this set is all packed up and ready to go.  The set includes all the essentials for a fantastic alfresco barbeque in a portable bucket!  In the kit you will get the portable barbeque with removable inner galvanised bucket and stand, 0.5kg sack of the finest English charcoal, a box of matches, soft grip handle all purpose tongs and a recipe booklet.  All you need to do is add the food!!  Priced at £32.95 I think you will agree this is a great idea.

Now this one is ideal for young and old alike. The Sophie Conran Games Bucket Set. Perfect if you are going camping this summer, it will keep everybody entertained for hours with good old fashioned family fun all contained in a take anywhere bucket!!  

The kit includes 4 eggs & spoons, 2 three legged race ties, 4 bean bags, the target bucket (which also keeps everything nice and tidy), a whistle and an instruction/rules booklet.  Priced at £29.95 this will keep you entertained all summer long!

So there you have it, 2 brilliant bucket sets to keep everyone happy this summer!

"Gifts To Make You Smile"

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Hi everyone, hope you're having a great week so far, not long to go until the weekend!! How has the weather been with you?  We have had it lovely here in Carlisle for the last couple of weeks but I think that may be all about to change - never mind!!  

Now if you've had a look at my facebook page this week you will see I have featured these gorgeous Cup & Saucer Bird Feeders and Teapot Feeders.  I just think they are sooooooo different and are going to bring a bit of colour and class to any garden.  Created in a vintage style the pretty china cup has a mismatched saucer attached and comes complete with hanging chain.  The cup & saucer feeders are £7.99 each.

Then here is the Teapot Feeder which is in the same vintage style. Both these items are great for peanuts, bird seed or water but the teapot could also be used as a tea light holder!  Just hang them from a tree or hanger in your garden and watch the birds come by, I'm sure they will love them just as much as you.  This one is priced at £9.99 so it wont break the bank either!!

So that's it for today, hope you enjoy the rest of your week and don't work tooooooooo hard.  Speak soon and remember keeeeeeeep shopping!!!!!

"Gifts To Make You Smile"

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Hope you've all recovered from my naughty blog on Wednesday informing you all that it is only 6 MONTHS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!! Well it's worse now as it is less than 6 months. I'm sorry there I go again -  I promise I wont mention the C word for a long long time!

So, what should I talk about today, well today I am going to show you my WIND SPINNERS.  Now I love these they are soooooo relaxing to watch as they gently spin in the wind.  So you may think they are a little more expensive than some but our wind spinners are made from stainless steel and are powder coated so they will last much longer than a normal wind spinner.

This is our 6" Sun spinner available in the red or gold and priced at £14.99.

Then we have our 12" Hummingbird multi coloured spinner and our large Square green spinner, again at 12".  These two are priced at £29.99.  And a real favourite is the Splash copper 12" priced at £24.99.

Our Diamond Crystal spinners are slightly different as they have a crystal centre ball which catches the light beautifully as the spinner turns.  Again these are 12" and priced at £29.99.

The 6" Butterfly spinner comes in either blue or purple and has a lovely butterfly design in the centre.  This one is priced at just £14.99 whilst the red Heart spinner comes in both 6" and 12" sizes and would make an ideal gift for a true garden lover.  The small heart is £14.99 and the large one £24.99.

And finally we have our Crystal Tail spinners.  These come complete with tail attachment with a crystal ball in and are all gift boxed.  You can either choose from the Diamond Artist which comes in blue or red or the Butterfly Artist which has an intricate butterfly design in the centre.  These are all priced at £24.99 and make a fabulous gift.

 So there you have it our fantastic WIND SPINNERS see them all on our wind spinner page
and if you know anyone with a birthday or anniversary coming up then why not order one today.  They are a great talking point in the garden, they brighten up your garden on a dull day and if placed well you can enjoy them from both inside and outside your home.

"Gifts To Make You Smile"