Wednesday, 24 December 2014

So, it's finally here - the big day is just one sleep away!!!!  All that remains is for us here at Ruddick Garden Gifts to wish each and everyone of you a very happy, peaceful Christmas and a wonderful New Year!!  And don't forget to continue shopping with us in 2015!

"Gifts To Make You Smile"

Sunday, 21 December 2014

He's watching!!!!!  With only a few days left to go he's making sure you've all been very very good!  No time now to order any of our fantastic gift ideas for the big day so I hope you all got in early and if you did order from us, I hope you were thoroughly delighted with your items when they arrived.  Hope you have a great Sunday and you're not all running round like headless chickens.  Speak again before the big day!!!

"Gifts To Make You Smile"

Friday, 19 December 2014

So today is the last posting day for items from Ruddick Garden Gifts.  So if you haven't got your presents today then I'm afraid you wont get them in time for Christmas.  But I'm sure you are more organised than that and have everything sorted!  

If you do still need ideas maybe for presents in the New Year then here are a few more to tempt you...................................................

 Meet Roland our ceramistone rooster ornament which can go inside or outside your home.  He is priced at £44.00.
 Then we have our lovely Silver Birch Rectangular T-Lite Holder which has a pretty heart design front and back.  Perfect for the one you love.  Priced at £14.99.

And finally for today our gorgeous Woodlands Trug which is crammed full of luxurious Bergamot bath & body items for the hard working gardener.  Priced at £34.00 this would make a wonderful gift.


So there are just a few more of our fantastic gift ideas if you need more then pop on over to and take a look at what else we have to offer.

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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Woooooooooooo  yeah this time next week will be Christmas Eve!!!!  Oh I am soooo looking forward to it. Cards are written, presents wrapped, decorations up, most of the food is bought - how are you all getting on?

You only have until Friday to get your gifts from us here at Ruddick Garden Gifts to make sure you get them in time for the big day.  So if you haven't quite got everything yet here are a few last minute reminders...........

Gardener's Notebook & Pen Set - £13.99.

Hedgerow Hounds Candle - £13.99.

Toucan Garden Ornaments - prices start at £15.99.

Woodlands Metal Pail Gift Set - £22.00.

So, grab yourself a cuppa and pop on over to and have a look at these and many more of our brilliant gift ideas.  And remember FREE POSTAGE & PACKING until Christmas.

"Gifts To Make You Smile"

Sunday, 14 December 2014

So you only have until 19th DECEMBER to get your FREE POSTAGE & PACKING offer.  After that you may not get your parcels in time for Christmas!!!!

Hopefully everything is bought and wrapped by now - but if not then Ruddick Garden Gifts still have a few brilliant ideas for presents for your friends and family.  Here are just a couple...

 Our Pine Cone Feeder is a great way of feeding the birds in your garden.  It is made from resin and is fully weatherproof and has 10 compartments at the bottom for you to fill with seeds.
Priced at £19.99.

 For all your cat loving friends and family how about treating them to a beautiful ceramistone ornament that can go inside or outside the home.  Meet Dale who really is a cute kitty!  Priced at £35.00.

Our lovely cast iron Butterfly Bell is the final one for today. This comes gift boxed and is a perfect way for people to grab your attention when calling at your home.  Priced at just £12.99.

Well that's it for today I'm afraid, rather short and sweet but we have a lot going on at Ruddick Garden Gifts this Christmas.  So just to recap our FREE POSTAGE & PACKING offer is running until Christmas BUT I reckon 19th December is the cut off to make sure you get your parcels in time for the big day.  So don't delay hop on over to right now and grab yourselves some great gifts!

"Gifts To Make You Smile"

Friday, 12 December 2014

So welcome to Friday everyone, hope your week has been productive and happy and the weather hasn't been too bad.  We did have snow yesterday morning which was a bit annoying - if it happens in 2 weeks that would be great. Anyway as promised our final five Best Sellers from our last five pages are..........................

From our Kids Corner page, this Sophie Conran Games Bucket Set is packed full of good old fashioned fun. Included are 4 x egg & spoons, 2 x three legged race ties, 4 x bean bags, a whistle, instruction & rules book, target bucket which keeps everything nice and tidy.  Priced at £29.95 this set is great fun for all the family to enjoy!

Our Chaffinch Thermometer/Clock has been our best seller on our Outdoor Clocks page.  It is hand painted, made from polyresin and fully weather resistant.  It has a diameter of 12" and is priced at £19.95.
On our Garden Care page it is our Handy Hands that have sold really well.  These leaf collectors are made from heavy duty durable plastic with ergonomic hand grips for comfortable use.  They have proved invaluable to busy gardeners!  Priced at £11.95.

The Woodlands Watering Can is the next best seller I want to share with you.  This fab gift set is packed with a fantastic selection of Bergamot fragranced products.  The metal watering can contains:  hand lotion, hand wash, body soap, wooden nail brush and gardening gloves making it an ideal present for hard working gardeners.  Priced at £26.00.

And finally on our new page Candles the Winter Walkies candle has proved most popular so far.  Designed and made in the UK and from the Fragrant Paws range this soy based candle is fragranced with cinnamon, clove, sweet orange and vanilla all hand poured into a beautiful dog illustrated glass holder and then presented in a kennel shaped gift box.  All for just £13.99.

So that completes our look at our best sellers from each of our fantastic pages.  If something has caught your eye why not pop over to and have a closer look.  And remember FREE POSTAGE & PACKING on all orders until 19th December.

"Gifts To Make You Smile"

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

So, two weeks today is this guys busiest night of the year!  Yep Santa Claus will be coming to town but only if you've been really good!

As promised in Sundays blog, today I am going to show you another five of our best selling products off our next five pages.  So first up is our What's The Weather page and the most wanted from this is...

the Small Galileo Thermometer which makes a brilliant gift.  Invented by Galileo this stylish thermometer has several balls of exact weight placed in liquid.  The balls then rise and fall according to the temperature - very interesting.  This item comes gift boxed and is £14.99.

Perfect for this time of year is our next item - our Cast Iron Boot Jack which you will find on our Wipe Your Feet page. This has two brushes on either side to clean off those muddy boots and then a handy jack on the front so no more bending down to take off your wellies! Priced at £24.99.

Our Sophie Conran designed trowel is next up. The handle of this tool has been made from natural waxed beechwood whilst the head of the trowel is constructed from mirror polished stainless steel which helps it glide smoothly through the soil whilst keeping rust at bay.  The trowel has been ergonomically designed and over time the handle will slowly mould itself to the shape of your hand.  Beautifully gift boxed and priced at £15.99 this would certainly make a gorgeous gift for someone.  Find it on our Tools page.

Next up I would like to highlight our Seeds page. Here we have boxes of seeds containing a perfect mix to give your garden colour or encourage wildlife into your garden.  All are priced at £9.99 and cover a 7m2 area. The results from customers have been really positive.

And finally for today probably our best seller across the entire website - our Soft n Care Flora Range of Gloves.  These are simply the best gloves you will ever buy as they fit to your hands perfectly, offer maximum comfort and eliminate hand fatigue.  Available in a variety of colours and two sizes, small and medium, these gloves are just £4.75 each.

So watch out on Friday for our final five best sellers and remember FREE POSTAGE & PACKING on all orders but only until the 19th December to guarantee delivery for Christmas!

"Gifts To Make You Smile"

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Good Morning everyone and Happy Sunday!  So with only 17 DAYS TO GO are we all on target or have you not even started yet.

Well just to let you know you only have until 19th December to get our FREE POSTAGE & PACKING OFFER after that I cannot guarantee you will get your order before Christmas.  So over the next week I am going to show you one item from each of our pages that has proved to be a good seller.  So the first five items are.......................................................................................................

 Best For Birds - our vintage style Cup & Saucer Bird Feeder has a mismatched saucer attached to the pretty china cup and comes complete with hanging chain. Priced at just £7.99 this would make an unusual and quirky gift idea.

Next we have our Copper Splash Wind Spinner which is made from stainless steel making it perfect for your garden all year round.  This spinner is priced at £24.99 and is 12".  Find it on our Wind Spinners page.

On our Fire & Light page this Silver Birch Rectangular T-Lite Holder has proved really popular as it can be used indoors or out.  Priced at just £14.99.

Next we have our Gardener's Notebook & Pen Set which you will find on our Garden Gifts page.  This A5 hard backed notebook comes complete with traditional style ball pen and is priced at £13.99.

And finally for today on our Inside Gifts page you will find Roland our ceramistone ornament, perfect for inside or outside your home.  Roland is priced at £44.00 and is 24cm in height.

So there you have our first five best sellers, watch out for more in the coming week.  And please remember our FREE POSTAGE & PACKING offer which will really help with your Christmas shopping this year.

"Gifts To Make You Smile"

Friday, 5 December 2014

So, Ruddick Garden Gifts attended its very first Christmas Fayre last night - I was excited but very nervous.  But you know what I thoroughly enjoyed myself and the evening was a great success. We managed to sell lots of lovely items to lots of lovely people and let people know we are out there and what kind of things we have to offer - so it was a fab night all round!  Hopefully this is just the start.  So just to let you know our BEST SELLER from last night were our Fragrant Paws Candles!!!  Everybody loved the scents and the packaging and thought they were a brilliant price and would make terrific gifts for family members.  So here are a few to show you today......

Flower Patch Pals is fragranced with lavender, sandalwood, patchouli and moss and comes in its very own little kennel shaped gift box.  Priced at £13.99. 

Parlour Pooch is scented with rose, peony, freesia and gardenia so brilliant for anyone who loves the smell of their garden.  Priced at £13.99.

And finally Hedgerow Hounds. This one is fragranced with raspberry, blackcurrant, strawberry and vanilla so a real fruity number.  Priced at £13.99.                                         

And remember all our candles are soy based, designed and made in the UK with the finest ingredients and perfumes.  They all come in a doggy illustrated glass holder and are presented in a cute kennel shaped gift box making them a wonderful gift idea this Christmas time.  Check out the rest of our fragrances at    

"Gifts To Make You Smile"            

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Oh Santa's watching to see who's being good because there are only 21 days to go until he comes clambering down the chimney with a sack load of gifts for you and your family.  As you can see we here at Ruddick Garden Gifts are all set for the festive season, Alfie keeps looking under the tree to see if there is anything for him (not yet Alf)!

So how are you all getting on - still need a few ideas then fear not here are a few of our brilliant gift ideas to ease your troubled minds....................................................

 So to start with how about one of our lovely Shaker style bird houses.  Priced at £18.99 and available in brown, white and blue (cream is sold out I'm afraid) these will bring colour and class to your garden.

 But if you are feeling a little more productive then our DIY Paint Nest Box Kit has everything you need to create a fab individual bird box for your garden.  Great for young and old alike.  Priced at £9.99.

 My all time favourite is our Silver Birch Rectangular T-Lite Holder with a pretty heart shaped design back and front. Perfect for cosy evenings. Priced at £14.99.
And finally bring a bit of fun into the garden with our Toucan Garden Ornaments.  Available in small, medium and large they will bring a smile to anyones face.  Prices start at £15.99.

So hopefully that has helped but if you need more inspiration then pop on over to and check out the rest of our brilliant products.  There really is something for everyone and remember FREE POSTAGE AND PACKING on all orders.

"Gifts To Make You Smile"

Monday, 1 December 2014

Well, it's finally here - DECEMBER!!! Christmas is just around the corner, in fact it has come to my house already, decorations are up, tree is up, presents are wrapped.  Getting all excited....................

If you're needing a little help thinking of what to get aunties, uncles, mams and dads then stop worrying - Ruddick Garden Gifts is here to help and let's not forget we are still offering FREE POSTAGE & PACKING on all orders!!!!

So first up today is our Slate Heart Memo Board which is perfect for writing notes or messages on and can be hung inside or outside your home.  The board comes gift boxed and a pouch containing chalk is included.  Priced at just £13.99 this is a lovely gift to give.


Our Sophie Conran designed fork is up next.  This features a mirror polished stainless steel fork head, an ergonomically designed handle made from natural waxed beechwood and a solid brass ferrule ensuring a secure joint between head and handle. To make turning the soil easier, the ends of the tines on the fork are shaped and sharpened meaning minimum effort is needed to slip the fork through the soil and make weeding a pleasure.  This beautiful garden fork comes gift boxed and is priced at £15.99.

And finally for today who could resist our Pug ceramic tile. Measuring 30.5cm x 20.5cm this tile can be hung or left free standing.  Priced at £29.99 this makes a great gift for dog lovers everywhere.  See more of our range of doggy tiles at

So there are just a few little bits to tempt you and help you out with gifts for Christmas.  To see more of our range pop on over to now and have a good look round our one stop Christmas shop and remember FREE P&P on all orders!!

"Gifts To Make You Smile"