Friday, 26 June 2015

Happy Friday everyone, hope you've all had a really enjoyable week and are looking forward to the weekend when hopefully you'll all be getting busy in the garden.  Now this little fella on the right is plaguing my garden at the moment so if you are sick of slugs and snails destroying your beautiful bedding plants then Ruddick Garden Gifts has just the thing.  Read on and learn..............

Our Slug Bells are the world's safest and best slug and snail pest control device.  They are hand painted, varnished and made of metal that will last up to 20 years.  The shape prevents the pellets being washed away into the soil and the Slug Bell is safe for children, pets and wildlife.  Priced at £10.99 find them via this link.

As you can see from these images they are so easy to use.  Why not have a go - pop on over to our Garden Care page and order yourself one today and say bye bye to slugs and snails in your garden.



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