Monday, 15 May 2017

Hello everyone and welcome to another wonderful week!  Today I want to tell you all about our fantastic Sophie Conran Seed Boxes.  Sophie is a renowned designer who loves gardening so she has put together these clever seed boxes which contain four packs of seeds all wrapped up in a beautiful presentation box.

This is the Herb collection so we have basil, wild rocket, thyme and coriander all of which are great for adding to your cooking.  Each pack has planting instructions and the inside cover of the box has handy recipe tips for getting the most out of your herbs.  We also do edible seeds and wildflower seeds but lets just concentrate on the herb seeds for now.

 So coriander is great chopped up with lime juice, it can be crushed and added to meat dishes where it brings an orangey flavour or the seeds are great in curries.
 This variety of basil has a lemon zing to it and is great for pesto or with spaghetti.
 Thyme is a real favourite and is fab when added to soups and stews.
And finally wild rocket is great in salads or with fish.  So all in all you are getting a really good selection of herbs to grow and experiment with.
Each seed box is £9.95 which is a great price when you consider you are getting four packs of seeds plus the gorgeous presentation box, instructions and recipe ideas.  This would make an ideal gift for anyone who loves gardening, loves to cook or just wants to try something new.  In fact this Sophie Conran Seed Box won the Gift of the Year 2016 award! So why not have a closer look now at and have a go at growing some herbs.

"Gifts To Make You Smile"