Friday, 7 June 2013

Hi everyone.  Sorry I'm a bit late tonight but it's been such a lovely day here in Carlisle that I have been very naughty and been out in the garden all day.  Consequently I haven't a lot to say this evening apart from I hope you all enjoy yourselves this weekend and that the weather is great where you are. Enjoy your garden a bit more by having some of our brilliant Seeds.  We have ones to attract Bees as the picture below shows.  This particular mix covers 7m2
 and has varieties such as cornflowers, sunflowers and cosmos.  The box is priced at £9.99 and can be found on our Seeds page.  Similarly our Butterflies mix offers species such as clover, corncockle and dill which is know to attract many caterpillars.  Again priced at £9.99 it really is a garden in a box.  There are plenty of other mixes which cover everything from Wildflowers, Edge & Borderto mixes for Shaded Areas.  So whatever, type of garden you have or would like to have we really do have something for you.  Check them out on our Seeds page.

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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Happy Sunny Wednesday everyone!!  Hope you are all enjoying this wonderful weather we are having.  As the weather is sooooo lovely at the moment I thought it would be a good opportunity for me to highlight some of our brilliant garden games.  They can be found on our Kids Corner page but believe me adults can play too!!  So for starters how about this a Rounders/Baseball Set.

It comes in a canvas carry holder and comprises:
1 bat, 1 ball and 4 stakes ( approx. length 30cm).  It is priced at £24.95 and will give hours of fun for young and old!!  

Next up we have Garden 4 In A Row.  This is a brilliant giant version of the popular game and will provide hours of fun in the garden.  It measures 46cm x 53 cm and is £39.95.

My final choice is the Jumbo Flying Disc.  A massive flying disc with a soft foam rim.  It measures 45cm (17.5") in diameter and is priced at £14.95.  Not only great for the garden but what about taking it to the beach and it would be perfect for holidays as it would be so easy to pack!

Well I hope some of these have inspired you to have fun in the sun in the garden!  We have lots of other garden games so why not take a look?  

"Gifts To Make You Smile"

Sunday, 2 June 2013

 Hello All and welcome to this weeks Product of the Week..... which is this gorgeous Silver Birch Rectangular T-Lite Holder.
As the title says it is made from Silver Birch wood and has three glass containers inside which hold three t-lites.  It has a pretty heart shape design on the front and back through which the t-lites can be seen.  You can find this on our Fire &Light page and it costs just £14.99.  

You can either use it outdoors if entertaining or just sitting enjoying your garden or you can have it indoors where it looks equally fabulous as our picture below shows.  Obviously don't leave it out in the rain!  But I think you will agree it is rather smart.
Something else to think of if you are planning on eating out in the garden seen as how we are now into June and the weather seems to have picked up a bit, is our Citronella Bowl which can also be found on our Fire & Light page and is priced at £2.99.   It measures just 11.5cmx11.5cmx3cm and is great for keeping away insects when you are having barbeques.
So, enjoy the weather while it lasts, apparently we are in for a mini heatwave next week (whether that will get as far as Cumbria is another matter).  Check out our facebook page if you haven't already and remember people....... keep shopping!!! ( I always imagine saying that in the style of "keep dancing" off Strictly Come Dancing ) Sorry!

"Gifts To Make You Smile"