Friday, 11 April 2014

 Yeahhhhh its Friday, we made it to the end of the week.  Hope you've all had a good one!  So for our final instalment this week building you up to National Gardening Week which starts on Monday I am featuring one of our NEW PRODUCTS which I am very excited about as I think it is totally amazing....................  The ORIGINAL PAPER POTTER
This ingenious item allows you to create your very own bio-degradable seed pots from waste paper.  We have two sizes available - the Original Paper Potter which makes 4x5cm pots perfect for small seedlings and this costs just £10.75 and then we have the Big Paper Potter which is exactly the same as the smaller version only this one makes pots that are 6x7.5cm which are ideal for marrows, courgettes, sunflower seeds, larger seedlings and plug plants.  This one is priced at £16.75.  Both are made from FSC Oak and come boxed and with full instructions making them an ideal present for any gardener. It is also a brilliant way of getting children interested in eco friendly gardening.  So go on over to our website and take a look, you will find them on our Seeds page and on our Garden Gifts page.  Collect all your old newspapers together and get pottering!!
I hope you feel inspired from our blogs this week to get out there and enjoy your garden in National Gardening
"Gifts To Make You Smile"

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Happy Wednesday everyone, half way through the week and not long until the weekend.!!!  As promised today I am going to show you some of our products that bring colour into your garden.  Seeds are a brilliant and satisfying way of getting colour into your garden not to mention economical.  We have a range of seeds that have made it really simple to get a good mix into your garden in one go.

They come in four different ranges, The Garden's Friends Range, which includes packs to encourage, bees, aphids, ladybirds, butterflies and birds  helps restore balance into the garden. This range can be seen as a preventative method of pest control attracting large numbers of pollinators and beneficial insects.     

Then we have the Summer Flowers Range which is especially suitable for gardeners who want quality blooms all summer long.  Each pack contains on average 30 species of annual flowers providing long lasting and beautiful displays.


Next we have the Specifics Range which as the name suggests are packs that have a mixture of seeds for specific areas in your garden, such as edges & borders or shaded areas.

And finally we come to the Dwarves Range which are ideal whether you have a rural or urban garden as dwarf plants are essential for creating a good looking landscape.  This range is very popular with most gardeners as they fill in all the nooks and crannies of your garden.

All our boxes of Seeds cover an area of 7m2 and are priced at £9.99.  The majority can be sown in Spring, so now is the perfect time to start and by the summer you will have some lovely displays. Customers who bought our Seeds last year were delighted with the results and all reported good amounts of flowers.  You will find more information on our Seeds page.

"Gifts To Make You Smile"

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Good Morning everyone and welcome to another Sunday.  As you can see today I am going to inspire you all to get out there in your gardens next week for National Gardening Week.  We have some ideal products to help you in the garden for instance our range of Sophie Conran Tools are fabulous.  Each one has been specifically designed by Sophie Conran and comes in a lovely pale blue gift box.  

The Trowel has a handle made from natural waxed beechwood whilst the head is constructed from mirror polished stainless steel which helps it glide smoothly through the soil whilst keeping rust at bay. The trowel has been ergonomically designed and over time the handle will slowly mould itself to the shape of your hand.  Priced at £15.99 this would be a great item to start off with in the garden.  

Sophie Conran ForkSophie Conran SecateursWe also have the Sophie Conran Fork and Sophie Conran Secateurs.  All of these items can be found on our Tools page.  So go there now and read all about them.

Right so that will get you started with the right equipment.  Later in the week I will be showing you some other great ideas for getting colour into your garden like this and for potting your seeds into.  

Remember if you want beautiful flowers in the summer and you want to do it yourself which is always more satisfying, then now is the time to be thinking about seeds and we have a great range made simple on our Seeds page, go check it out now.........

 "Gifts To Make You Smile"