Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Sorry everybody but I couldn't miss this opportunity to remind you that yes it is only 6 MONTHS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!
But don't worry, don't panic we have everything you could possibly need for christmas gifts here at

Whether you want a beautiful Gift Set for your gardening mum......

 This is our metal trug set crammed full of luxurious Bergamot fragranced bath & body items for the hard working gardener to enjoy.  Priced at £34.00 it is well worth it.
 Here we have our twin pail set again full of beautiful bath time products.  Priced at £32.00 why not spoil someone this christmas.

Or you may want a quirky gift for your fun loving dad.  So why not take a look at some of these....

Our Toucan garden ornaments come in small, medium or large and will make everyone smile. Prices start at £15.99.

 If your dad is a bit of a bird lover then what about our red telephone box feeder.  Priced at £26.99 I'm sure he would love it.

And then an all time favourite are our ceramistone dog and animal ornaments for inside or outside the home.  Here is Baa'bara who is just £44.00 but there are plenty more to choose from at

So there are a few items to tempt you, remember 6 months might seem like ages away but it will be here before you know it - BE PREPARED!!  We have loads more to offer on our website whether you have an ecofriendly granny or a wind spinner loving wife there is something for everyone at Ruddick Garden Gifts.

"Gifts To Make You Smile"

Monday, 23 June 2014

Happy Monday everyone - the weather was sooooooooooooooo nice yesterday I forgot to do my Sunday blog so here it is on Monday!  This is where I have been spending most of my time this last week with the beautiful weather we have had I hope you have all managed to enjoy it.

So here is one of my lovely wind spinners hanging in my garden. This one is the Splash Copper 12" priced at £24.99 and I think you will agree it looks stunning with the sun shining on it.
We have a variety of different wind spinners all made from stainless steel and powder coated to last longer.  Why not go and take a look at our Wind Spinners page now.

This cheeky little fellow also popped up in my garden he is the medium sized Toucan garden ornament which is priced at £18.99
and can be found on our Garden Gifts page.  Find out more about him and his friends by clicking on the following link.......

Anyway, as the sun is still shining here in Carlisle and that doesn't happen very often I am going to go out and enjoy it and I suggest you all do the same as well - obviously after you have visited our website and done a little shopping!!!

"Gifts To Make You Smile"