Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Just thought I would start off today by reminding you that there are only....................................................................................................


and with that in mind today I am going to give you some great gift ideas.  So we have the following for the ladies ..............................

Soft n Care Flora Gloves in small or medium sizes and priced at £4.75.  Find them on our Gloves page.  The best gloves I have found as they are covered with natural rubber which means they are soft and fit perfectly to your hands.
 Silver Birch Rectangular T-Lite Holder made from silver birch wood it has three glass containers inside which hold three t-lites and a pretty heart shape design on the front and back.  Perfectly priced at just £14.99.

Summer Lustre Tinkling Toadstools which are made from frost proof ceramic and come in a choice of three fab colours - Green, yellow and orange. Priced at £5.99.
 Gardeners Hand Cream makes a wonderful gift for all those hardworking gardeners.  Made from rich ingredients such as multivitamins and moisturising factor this makes a perfect gift.  Comes in 100g pot and costs £5.99.

And finally after working in the garden how about relaxing with our Lavender Bath Salts Set. The kit contains everything you will need to make a soothing, stress relieving lavender bath including a glass jar, a 500g bag of bath salts, a 9g box of dried lavender and a wooden spoon. It also comes with a packet of seeds to grow your own lavender and a book with hints and tips on how to enjoy your lavender bath.  Priced at just £10.99 it really is a brilliant gift idea.

So that is just a taster of what we have for the ladies out there why not check out more at www.

"Gifts To Make You Smile"

Sunday, 27 October 2013

So it's GOODBYE to British Summertime  and HELLO to Winter!! Hope you all remembered to put your clocks back last night. With that in mind thought I would share some of our brilliant Clocks with you today for our "Product of the Week".  

 First up is our Stonegate Clock which has a slate effect surround and built in thermometer.  It is fully weather resistant but would look great inside as well as outside.  It is 10" in diameter and costs just £18.00.  Go look for it now on our Outdoor Clocks page or click on this link

Next one is my favourite.  Measuring only 8" in diameter and priced at just £14.00 is our Blue Tit Clock.  This clock is made from polyresin and is fully weather resistant.  It has been hand painted and has a beautiful image of a blue tit on the face. Personally I would have this in my house but it can go outside too.

We have these and many other clocks for indoors or outdoors on our Outdoor Clocks page many of which have built in thermometers all of which are stylish and reasonably priced.  So why not pop on over to our page and see what you can find, you wont be disappointed! Then you simply click on the basket and wait for delivery within a couple of days - couldn't be easier.  And don't forget these would make a brilliant Christmas present in only 58 days!!!!!!!

"Gifts To Make You Smile"