Sunday, 2 June 2013

 Hello All and welcome to this weeks Product of the Week..... which is this gorgeous Silver Birch Rectangular T-Lite Holder.
As the title says it is made from Silver Birch wood and has three glass containers inside which hold three t-lites.  It has a pretty heart shape design on the front and back through which the t-lites can be seen.  You can find this on our Fire &Light page and it costs just £14.99.  

You can either use it outdoors if entertaining or just sitting enjoying your garden or you can have it indoors where it looks equally fabulous as our picture below shows.  Obviously don't leave it out in the rain!  But I think you will agree it is rather smart.
Something else to think of if you are planning on eating out in the garden seen as how we are now into June and the weather seems to have picked up a bit, is our Citronella Bowl which can also be found on our Fire & Light page and is priced at £2.99.   It measures just 11.5cmx11.5cmx3cm and is great for keeping away insects when you are having barbeques.
So, enjoy the weather while it lasts, apparently we are in for a mini heatwave next week (whether that will get as far as Cumbria is another matter).  Check out our facebook page if you haven't already and remember people....... keep shopping!!! ( I always imagine saying that in the style of "keep dancing" off Strictly Come Dancing ) Sorry!

"Gifts To Make You Smile"

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