Friday, 31 May 2013

Welcome to Friday everyone and I hope you have had a good week.  So the weekend is upon us, what will you be doing?  Hopefully the weather will be brighter and we might get to have some sunshine!  I mean it is June on Saturday right?
Anyway, I thought you might like to see Alfie and his new friend "Fabian"  He arrived yesterday and as you can see Alfie is taken with him.  Fabian would be a great addition to any household.  He doesn't bark, doesn't eat, much, doesn't need to go for a walk and doesn't make a mess!!  You can find him on our Inside Gifts page.  He is a cheeky Jack Russell ornament made from ceramistone, which means he can go inside or outside the home.  Obviously, I wouldn't leave him out in really  
cold weather but through the summer I'm sure he would love it and so would you.  He is 19cm high and priced at only £44.00.  He has lots of friends so why not check them all out on our Inside Gifts page.  I think they would make great gifts for Father's Day which is only 17 days away now.

"Gifts To Make You Smile"

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