Thursday, 21 March 2013

Ok, all you chocoholics out there who are looking forward to all those yummy Easter eggs, STOP!!  Yes, they taste good but only for a short while, why not get something that will last a whole lot longer.  As previewed in my blog on Sunday, this topiary rabbit frame is a really easy way of getting topiary into your garden.  You simply place a plant, box is a good one, in the opening in the bottom 
and as it grows, tease it to fill the frame.  Once the shape if full, 
allow the growth to come through the frame and clip to keep in shape.  Then you can have an Easter Bunny in your garden all year round!  Another great gift idea for the youngsters instead of chocolate are our fun window thermometers.  They come in a choice of frog, ladybird and bumble bee and are a great way of introducing children to the world of weather.

Another range we do are gardening gloves, something we will all be needing in the next few weeks as we get back out into our gardens.  Sometimes gardening gloves can be quite bulky and you can struggle to handle small plants etc. well with our gloves they are like a second skin.  They come in some great colours too.  The picture on the left is an example of our Soft and Care Landscape range which comes in navy, burgundy and green and in sizes small and medium.  The picture on the right shows an example of our Soft and Care Flora range which again comes in small and medium but the choice of 

colours are pink, blue and yellow.  I hope I have given you some ideas for Easter gifts other than chocolate, but if you feel the need to still indulge then our gifts are reasonably priced that you can still buy an Easter Egg if you really must!!

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