Friday, 19 April 2013

Anyone else feel like this right now!!  It's been quite a week but finally the weekend is here and hopefully, fingers crossed, the weather is going to be ok.  Which means of course we can all get out there in our gardens or back yards and enjoy ourselves.  So how about this set of 3 Silver Birch Love Heart Containers as you can see they are lined with plastic all ready for you to pop your favourite plants in.  I tried them with polyanthus and you can see they look pretty good. They are priced at £24.99 for the 3 and you 
will find all the measurements for each container on our Garden Accessories page.  They will certainly brighten up a corner of your garden and as they are made from the bark off Silver Birch trees they will blend in beautifully.  So go on why not treat yourselves and order a set today.
And seen as you are hoping to do some gardening why not add a pair of our gloves onto your order.  At only £4.75 they really are worth having.  They are the best gardening gloves I have come across as they fit like a second skin so you can still feel what you are doing.  As for our little survey held the other week, it was a bit disappointing as not many people took part but I think that pink came out on top as the favourite colour.  They are available in small and medium sizes and in pink, blue or yellow.  Alternatively you can also order the landscape
gloves which are a bit more heavy duty.  They are the same price and sizes but come in burgundy, navy or green.  So go on you have no excuse, get your gloves on and get planting.  Enjoy your garden!!

"Gifts To Make You Smile"

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