Sunday, 7 July 2013


Welcome to this weeks "Product of the Week".  Today I thought I would share with you something so simple and easy to use but something that the birds in your garden will love!  What is it I here you ask well it is the Apple Bird Feeder.
Made from wood with a hook at the top to hang anywhere in your garden this apple feeder comes in three different shapes, apple, bird or circle.  It has a metal bar through the middle which you simply push through your  apple and leave it hanging in the garden.  The birds will love it!   
It measures 38.5x38.5x21cm and can be found on our Best for Birds page.  As mentioned you can either hang it or simply stand it somewhere in your garden and wait for the birds to arrive.  It is priced at just £4.99  
and would make a great gift.  So 

why not go on over to our Best for Birds page and check it out, you will also find some other great products on there if like me you love to feed the birds we have all sorts of other items such as peanut feeders and bread feeders and they are all very reasonably priced.  If buying for yourself or as a gift I'm sure you will find something to suit.  

Have you also seen our facebook page?  We have some great items on there so pop on over and like us!  You can also rate our products and give feedback.

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