Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Good morning everyone and welcome to Wednesday's blog. Wasn't I naughty this week, with all this beautiful weather I forgot to do my "Product of the Week" on Sunday.  So, I am doing it today instead.  Now you may be wondering who this distinguished gentleman is, well this is Galileo, an Italian physicist whose ideas created this weeks "Product of the Week", our GalileoThermometer (Here's the history bit) - searching for a way to measure exact temperatures, Galileo discovered this fascinating method.  He placed several exactly weighted balls in a
cylinder filled with a certain liquid and found that the balls rose or fell according to the current temperature.  By this method he was able to determine the correct temperature.  So this thermometer works on that principle.  As the temperature rises, the liquid in the glass cylinder becomes less dense, and the heavier balls sink slowly to the bottom.  The lowest floating ball indicates the current temperature.  If all the balls float to the top, the temperature is below the lowest floating ball and if all the balls sink, the temperature is above the highest ball.  It may sound complicated but it really is quite simple.
As you can see from the picture the thermometer looks good as well as being useful.  We have a small and medium thermometer available on our What's the Weather page.  The small thermometer measures 5.8x5.8x30cm and is priced at £14.99 and the medium measures 7.9x7.9x39cm and costs £21.99.  Both come gift boxed with all the instructions and how to read the temperature on the box and I think they would make an ideal gift.  So as the weather men keep telling us the temperatures are going to keep on rising, why not order a Galileo Thermometer today and keep an eye on the temperature for yourself.

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