Friday, 26 July 2013

Well here we are again and it's finally FRIDAY!  What a week it's been, hope you've all coped with the hot weather again, mind you we have had some cracking rain showers up here in Carlisle, the odd bit of thunder and lightning too.  So the new little Prince George, finally put in an appearance this week and we all went aaaahhhh (well in my house we did anyway).  Dont they make a lovely little family.  

Right, enough of that, so anyway for today I wasn't sure what to focus on (I think it's the weather finally getting to me) so let me show you again some of my favourite Inside Gifts (they can go outside too)

 This is Baa'bara and she is £44.00

Tyson is always a favourite and he is £44.00

Beautiful Delilah is only £38.00

Ermintrude is also £44.00

And finally Fabian is
£44.00 (he's the little one by the way the other is my Alfie and he is not for sale)

Right so that's your lot for today, hope you enjoyed the catch up.  Have a great weekend, think its gonna be a hotty again so go on get out in the garden but not before you've had a good luck round our website and ordered some great things to make your outside space BRILLIANT.

"Gifts To Make You Smile"

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