Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Hello everyone and as the picture says we're on the downhill slope to the weekend!  Today I am showing you again our Silver Birch T-Lite Holder
mainly because I think it is really lovely.  As you can see it is a rectangular shape and made from the wood of a Silver Birch (hence the name).  It has three heart shapes at the front and back so you can see your candles glowing.
 The picture on the right shows inside where there are three removable glass containers in which to pop your tea lights. Then just light them and enjoy.  The holder measures 28x9.5x9cm and is priced at £14.99.  You will find it on our Fire & Light page.
 As you can see it not only looks good outside in the garden but it is very effective inside your home too.  This t-light holder would make an ideal gift for any friend or loved one so why not order yours today.

"Gifts To Make You Smile"

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