Sunday, 15 September 2013

Happy Sunday everyone.  This picture kind of sums up what we have in Carlisle today - wind and rain!  Autumn is here, I hear you cry.  Most definitely I would say.  So for today's "Product of the Week" let's think about....... thermometers.  We have a wide range of different thermometers on our What's The Weather page, from ones for the kids to quirky froggy ones.  So today I am showing you one of my favourites.  This is our Round Wall Thermometer

As you can see it is quite modern looking with the steel look rim and the blue face.  It measures 22x5.5x22cm and is priced at £29.99.  I think it would look stylish either inside or outside your home.  And now for something a little different we have this Metal FiligreeThermometer
This has been produced in die cast metal and is suitable for wall mounting either indoors or outdoors, but I think you will agree it is a little different.  It measures 9x41cm and is priced at £19.95.  Both these items come gift boxed and can be found on our What's The Weather page along with a range of other thermometers.  Well I hope you don't get blown away today, my lot were going sailing on Derwent Water but that has been cancelled as it is too wild.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend and keeeep shopping!!!!

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