Sunday, 23 February 2014

Morning everyone and welcome to another Sunday.  Well this picture really sums up what the weather is like in Carlisle today - I don't think we'll be going far. On that note today's "Products of the Week" are all to do with the weather.  First up we have our Round Wall Thermometer which as you can see has a stylish blue face and metal surround.  The temperature is measured in both fahrenheit and centigrade by means of an arrow. This thermometer comes gift boxed and can be hung on a wall or fence.  You will find it on our What's The Weather page priced at £29.99.
Our next item is another thermometer but this one is very different to our first.  It is a Metal Filigree Thermometer which has been produced in die cast metal.  It is suitable for wall mounting and can be used indoors or out.  Priced at £19.95
this thermometer also comes gift boxed and measures 9cm x 41cm.   And finally after you have been outside in all this awful weather and you come back into your house you need something to Wipe Your Feet on.  With that in mind how about our beautiful doormats.  This one is my favourite at the moment our Bird Houses doormat which is a fibre topped rubber mat priced at just £8.99.  This doormat is so easy to clean you can either wipe, sweep or rinse it down with a hose.  It looks pretty stylish to I think.

So I hope you have enjoyed looking at our products today, ordering is really simple too just go to our website at

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