Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Well, finally the sunshine has reached Carlisle and we have managed two lovely sunny days, warm too!  Now wouldn't these SUN WIND SPINNERS look great in the garden.  Imagine them hanging in a tree and as the wind blows the spinners gently turn.  You will be entranced by them.  They come in a choice of gold or red and are 6" in diameter.  They are priced at £14.99 which you may think sounds a lot but honestly our wind spinners are all made from stainless steel and have been powder coated so they wont rust and will last much much longer than a normal spinner.
You will find these on our Wind Spinners page along with many other types and sizes.  We have multi-coloured spinners, 12" spinners and even ones with tails and crystals. So why not go check them out, I guarantee you will not be disappointed.  I bought a spinner a couple of years ago for hubby as a gift from a well known garden centre.  And within a few months left outside it had rusted and was looking a bit tired and sad! I had paid quite a bit for it and so was really disappointed.  You will not be disappointed with our spinners, believe me!!  Here are a few others for you to look at to whet your appetite.  Like what you seen then go on over to our website and see for yourself. 

"Gifts To Make You Smile"

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