Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Hey, hey, hey everyone and happy Wednesday!!  Hope you are enjoying your week so far.  Thought today I would put together all our SALE ITEMS that would be great in your garden for the birdies!  So here we go...................................................................

Our Window Feeder is just £2.80 and comes minus Alfie!!

Here we have our Feeding Log and Bread Feeder which are both just £1.99 and our Mesh Feeder is £3.49.  These are great ways of attracting the birds into your garden.

 Then we have our Apple Bird Feeder which comes in 3 designs and you just have to pop your apple on the skewer and let the birds enjoy!  Now just £2.49 each.

 Now if you like DIY these next two items are fab.  Our DIY Nestbox is now just £8.99 and our DIY Paint Nestbox is down to £7.99. Both are great for young and old alike and when finished will look great in the garden.

And our final birdie item is the Terracotta Bird Pot which you just need to fix to a wall.  It comes with a handy twig perch at the front and is suitable for Blue Tits, Wrens and Sparrows. A snip at £9.99.

So there you have it -  all these lovely items for your feathered friends.  Why not treat them, you have until the end of the month to grab one of these fantastic bargains.  Go to our SALE PAGE now at  and have a look at these and many more of our fabulous gift ideas!!

"Gifts To Make You Smile"

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