Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Happy Wednesday to you all and yes, you guessed it we have some NEW PRODUCTS to show you today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As you know, we here at Ruddick Garden Gifts love our doggies, Alfie & Ella so with that in mind we are now stocking a range of Fragrant Paws Candles. These candles are soy based and have been designed and made in the UK.  Each one is hand poured into a lovely doggy illustrated glass holder and they are presented in a kennel shaped gift box. So 
today I would like to show you a selection of these candles........

First up is Beach Walkies.  This candle is fragranced with violet, geranium, lavender and water lily reminding us all of warm summer days with its beautiful scent. This would make an ideal gift for any dog lovers out there and is priced at £13.99. 

Next up is Flower Patch Pals which is fragranced with lavender, sandalwood, patchouli and moss.  It comes in a 310g size and has a burn time of approximately 100 hours.  This is priced at £13.99.

And finally for today let me show you Parlour Pooch.  This candle is quite flowery as it has been scented with rose, peony, freesia and gardenia.  Again it comes in a cute kennel shaped gift box making it an ideal present for the dog lover in your life.  Priced at £13.99.

So if you have any of these........
then you are going to love our fragrant paws candles.  I will show you the other fragrances on Friday, but if you can't wait then pop on over to our website now and check them out.  Go to and remember we are still offering FREE POSTAGE & PACKING on all orders!!!!

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