Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Well hello everyone - I'm back!
Sorry I haven't been around lately what with holidays, big birthdays, grandsons, work and general life getting in the way I haven't had much spare time. Hope you are all great and having a wonderful time in your gardens.  The weather is fab at the moment isn't it and they reckon we are in for another hot, hot, hot week.

So, today I thought I would share with you a couple of our fab solar lanterns - first is our Peacock Solar Lantern made from glass and metal and with a hand painted peacock design this lantern is stunning both in the daytime and and night.  Priced at £20 take a closer look at http://www.ruddickgardengifts.co.uk/gardening-gifts-c1/lanterns-outdoor-candles-c18/solar-powered-peacock-lantern-p485

Then we have our Strawberry Lantern which again is made from metal and glass and would make a great garden decoration.  Priced at just £15 why not make your garden a fun place to be with this funky lantern. Find out more at http://www.ruddickgardengifts.co.uk/gardening-gifts-c1/lanterns-outdoor-candles-c18/solar-powered-strawberry-lantern-p508

So for these and other great gift ideas head on over to http://www.ruddickgardengifts.co.uk/ and see what we have to offer.  Enjoy the weather wonderful people and keeeeeeeep shopping!!

"Gifts To Make You Smile"

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