Sunday, 10 March 2013

As promised this week starts with " PRODUCT OF THE WEEK" where we highlight one of our fab gifts.

First one up is our Pinecone Bird Feeder which you can find on our Best For Birds page.  This feeder not only looks good but is a great way of feeding the birds in your garden.  It is made from a durable weatherproof resin which means that when hung from a tree the weight wont damage any branches.  

The feeder has 10 holders for either seed, water or peanuts.  Each holder is approximately 4.5cm in diameter and 2cm deep.  The overall height of the feeder is 25cm and the width is 20cm.  It comes in a rustic finish that will naturally blend in with your garden.

So go on why not treat yourself to this unusual and decorative bird feeder. You will love it and I'm sure the birds in your garden will love it too.  At only £19.99 it makes an ideal gift which will keep on giving pleasure the whole year round.  Find it now on our Best For Birds page!!

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