Wednesday, 13 March 2013

So, its been another cold start to the week, we even had SNOW on Monday.  This
is exciting because while the rest of the country has had its fair share of snow this winter, we in Carlisle have had practically none.  So we mustn't forget our feathered friends at this time of year and here are a couple of products which are great ways of feeding the birds in your garden.

This mesh nut feeder is such a simple item but the birds will love it.  And what about these apple feeders, they come in a choice of apple, circle or duck and you just stick an apple on the skewer and hang it up.

Hopefully you all saw my blog from Sunday where I introduced the first "Product of the Week" which was another, more decorative way of feeding the birds with a Pinecone bird feeder.  The response to this feeder has been great and I only have a few left now and at £19.99 they are really good value and will last for years. As you can see below they are quite large and look great in the garden and the birds love it!

Well that's about it for today hope you've got some ideas.  You can find all these products on our Best For Birds page and there are loads more things to choose from.  We also have a facebook page now so look out for that and please click the like button.  Feel free to leave any comments on either the blog or facebook we love to hear from you.  Enjoy the rest of the week and stay warm wherever you are.

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