Wednesday, 31 July 2013

 Middle of the week time folks, not long until the weekend, yeah, I hear you cry!  (Go on, Yeah!)  Right so today I am showing you a 
product  I have featured
before, these Silver Birch Love Heart Containers, pictured with spring flowers in, but imagine how lovely they would look with summer bedding in. Gorgeous I bet! 

Anyway, you get the set of three, sizes are: 
Large 28x28x9cm - Medium 20x21x7.5cm - Small 12x12x6cm
You will find them on our Garden Accessories page and they are priced at £24.99 for the three which I think is a really great price for three planters.  As they are made from the wood of a Silver Birch they are going to look brilliant in your garden and lets face it, 
everyone loves hearts!  These would make a great gift idea either on their own or planted up. So, go on why not take a look at these planters and while you're on our Garden Accessories page take a peek at some of our other great products I'm sure you'll find something you like.
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