Friday, 2 August 2013

 Hey, hey hey, it's Friday again!  Woo hoo!! (Do you think I'm excited by any chance?)  Anyway, bit of a problem here at Ruddick Garden Gifts - all cameras are broken so I can't take new photos of my products which is why you are probably thinking you have already seen these, but this will have to do until I get it back from the repairers.  So to recap on this product - this is our Small Candle Bowl which comes in four funky colours,
 pink, orange, blue and green.  This is ideal for outside living as it looks really good when lit.  It comes in a white ceramic bowl and the burn time is estimated at about 2.5 hours.  You will find these on our Fire & Light page and they are priced at only £1.99.  Similarly, we have this Citronella Candle Bowl now this not only looks good but as it has a citronella candle in it will keep away unwanted flies and insects when you are dining outside. It comes in a small terracotta bowl and is priced at £2.99.

Finally, you will also find on

our Fire & Light page  these Citronella Garden Torches.   They are £7.99 for the set of three and all you do is simply push the bamboo stake into the ground and light.  The burn time is approximately 3 hours and they are ideal if you are entertaining in the garden as they will keep away all those unwanted insect guests!    

"Gifts To Make You Smile"                                              

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