Monday, 12 August 2013

Well, here we are Monday - AGAIN!!  and guess what?  I forgot to do my "Product of the Week" yesterday, how very bad of me I hear you cry!  Well, anyway better late than never, as they say.....
So, last week I gave our patio a good pressure cleaning, took me nearly six hours!!  And afterwards I was very grateful for one of these, a Cast Iron Boot Jack.  As you can see it has two brushes
on either side so you can clean off those muddy boots and a handy jack on the front, so no more bending down and struggling with getting your wellies off.  See just how easy it is.  It measures 22x25x11cm and can be found on our Wipe Your Feet page.
 It is very reasonably priced at just £24.99. Take a good look at our Wipe your Feet page as there are some fantastic doormats too.  Lets face it the weather we get in this country you don't really want to be trampling muck and mud into your lovely houses now do you so why not treat yourselves to one of our fantastic products.  I know 
you are probably thinking "it's summertime" we don't want to be thinking about mucky and muddy wellies but believe me that time of year is fast approaching and you will be very glad you got in first with your Ruddick Garden Gifts Boot Jack and Doormats.

"Gifts To Make You Smile"

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