Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Hey, hey hey, how's it going with you guys out there?  Here's a question for you - What happens in 132 days?
The picture might give you a clue ..............
CHRISTMAS that's what!! Can you believe it?  Well I have decided it's about time I started to look at new products to add to our website that would make especially good Christmas presents for all you gardeners and friends out there.  We already have some great ideas on our website but there are several others which I am hoping to add in the next couple of months.  You know what to do then, WATCH THIS SPACE!  Until then here are just a few of the products we have at the moment that would make brilliant gifts not just for Christmas but birthdays, anniversary's or just to say thank you, see what you think.....

So there you have it, some great ideas I think.  Check out more at or find us on facebook, twitter and linkedin.  And remember only 132 days to go.  I promise I won't mention it for another couple of weeks.

"Gifts To Make You Smile"

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