Sunday, 18 August 2013

Hello again and welcome to our "Product of the Week".  This week I have chosen one of our fabulous Inside Gifts but to be honest they can go outside too!  Meet Sykes - he is one of our doggy ornaments made from ceramistone which means he can go inside or outside your home.  Obviously I would advise not to leave him outside during the really
bad weather but certainly through the summer months he could stay outside.  And then in the winter he would look great sitting by your hearth or anywhere in your home. So, Sykes is an English Bull Terrier ornament which measures 18cm in height and costs £38.00. You will find him on our Inside Gifts page.

Also on this page we have Dale who is a cute little kitten ornament. Again made from ceramistone he can go inside or outside your home.  Personally I would probably want to keep this little fella inside as he is just sooooo cute!   He measures 11cm in height and costs just £35.00.
He would make a brilliant gift for all you cat lovers out there.  So why not take a look at our Inside Gifts page and meet some of our great characters such as Roland the Rooster, Mac the Westie, Baa'bara the Sheep and Tyson the Staffie.  I am sure there will be at least one that will capture your heart.

"Gifts To Make You Smile"


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