Sunday, 17 November 2013


Just thought I would warn you!!!!  So, I hope we have all had a very enjoyable and productive week.  I actually started writing some christmas cards this week, how organised!  Well I hope that over the last couple of weeks I have given you some ideas for gifts (just in case you were struggling).  We have plenty of other products which you may like that I haven't yet featured so why not check out our wonderful website today.  Below are some gift ideas for the home................................  First up are these cuties, you will find them on our Inside Gifts page.  They are our faux leather doorstops  and come in a choice of elephant, rabbit and tortoise.  They are brown and beige in colour and are weighted with sand.  They are priced at £11.99 and I am sure you will agree they would look great in any home.

Similarly we have these little fellas too, again made from faux leather they come in a choice of fox, owl and hedgehog.  They are so fun why not treat yourself or a loved one today.
While you are on our Inside Gifts page why not take a look at our brilliant animal ornaments which are made from ceramistone so they are able to go in the garden or inside your home.  We have dogs, cats, sheep, cows etc and they really are fantastic!!  Below are just a selection.

They range in price from £35 - £55 but as you see they are truly worth every penny.  Make someones christmas with one of our fabulous Inside Gifts.

"Gifts To Make You Smile"

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