Sunday, 10 November 2013

Well hello everyone and welcome to Sunday!!  As promised today I am going to focus on that really difficult group of people that we all have to buy for...........................MEN!!  Yes, we all have them, whether they are young or old they are incredibly hard to buy for so today I am going to show you a selection of products that we have to offer here at Ruddick Garden Gifts.  First up is our Salisbury Clock which is a really smart clock that can either be used indoors or outdoors.  It has a 
slate effect surround made from polyresin and a built in thermometer and humidity dial.  It is 14" in diameter and costs just £29.95.   It really would look great either inside or outside and is fully weather resistant.  You will find this and many other clocks on our Outdoor Clocks page.  A bit on the same theme but we all know guys love different things, how about this next one, a Galileo Thermometer which we have in either small or medium.  This stylish thermometer has several balls of exact weight placed in liquid and as the temperature rises and falls so do the balls.  Each thermometer comes gift boxed and the sizes are
small - 5x5x30cm priced at £14.99
and medium 7x7x39cm and priced
at £21.99.  These really are an unusual and interesting gift and will give hours of pleasure watching the weights go up and down.  Find it on our What's the Weather page along with a range of other thermometers.  So next we have a Cast Iron Garden Tool Hook which would look great in the garden shed.  It has four hooks and measures 30x5x17cm and is priced at £8.99.  You will find this one on our Garden Accessories page.

Staying on that page you will find some brilliant dog ornaments which are great for indoors and outdoors, a fantastic hand cream to make sure you keep his hands lovely and soft! and some unusual topiary frames.  So I am certain there will be something there to suit even the most difficult man.

I really hope some of this has helped you.  And it couldn't be simpler buying from Ruddick Garden Gifts, just browse our website, click on the product you want and pay.  Then sit back and wait for the postman to deliver in only a couple of days.  Take the hassle out of Christmas by shopping with us at Ruddick Garden Gifts.

"Gifts To Make You Smile"

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